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Kite Sports bundle offer

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1 Large Hurley Bag

2 Fireballs (of your choice)

Usual price €60, – bundle offer > €50 (also with free delivery)

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Bundle offer
1 Large Hurley Bag 2 Fireballs (of your choice) Usual price €60, - bundle offer is €50.

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Fireball will test and improve the performance of all players, from complete beginners to the top Hurling/Camogie national performers. Fireball is a premium wall ball which comes in two sizes. Designed especially for both the adult hurler and a slightly softer ball for the camogie and underage player, it allows you to get the best practice possible with the perfect Fireball for your needs. Features: - Created to perform like a match sliotar. - Sizes 4 and 5 available. - Helps improve your touch and reaction. - The faster you play the Fireball, the quicker it rebounds. Experience the difference with our Fireball for effective wall ball practice. Check out our ‘Time for Twenty challenge’ video which loved by colleges and schools on our Facebook page.
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Training Sliotar – Per Dozen

These are a good value for money option. Our suggestion is that you mix a certain amount of training balls with match balls used in every training session.
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Hurley Bag

The Kite Sports hurley bag is the bag used by most inter-county goalkeepers. Features: - Capacity: 5 goalkeeper hurleys - up to 37" (11 when fully extended). - 8 outfield hurleys - up to 37" (16 when fully extended). Available in black.
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THE HURLÓG IS A STARTER HURLEY ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. IT IS SOFT, LIGHT, SAFE AND GREAT FUN TO USE BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. Features: - Available in three sizes 16” 18” and 20”. - The Hurlóg is extremely light (approximately half the weight of an equivalent size ash hurley). - The child can learn to hold and swing a Hurlóg correctly. - The Hurlóg is made from a dense foam like material but looks like ash. - The soft foam ball, which is lighter and larger than a standard sliotar, is included in the set to work perfectly with the Hurlóg.
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Go Games Sliotars

First Touch Sliotars Top quality go game sliotars for 6-8 year old children. - This is a soft large sliotar for the beginner hurler. Quick Touch Sliotars Top quality go game sliotars for 8-10 year old children. - This is a small soft sliotar for the improving hurler. Smart Touch Sliotars Top quality go game sliotars for 10-12 year old children. - This is a small sliotar which is not quite as hard as an adult sliotar.
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CúChulainn Match Sliotar GAA Approved

CúChulainn is our premium training sliotar for the serious hurler/camogie player. Features: - The CúChulainn comes in two sizes – 4 and 5. - A premium product, branded and designed by Kite Sports, designed to last. - We recommend you mix training sliotars in with match balls with every training session. Loved by GAA clubs around the country.
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Spare hurlóg balls

Features: - Light soft replacement balls to match the Hurlóg™ box set. - Other balls are never quite the same. - The CúChulainn Hurlóg™ balls are designed with the specific size and weight appropriate for the Hurlóg™.
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